Ail'ka Belt Beta

Asteroid Belt in the Ail'ka system
Huichuai'syen : Ail'ka Belt Beta
TypeAsteroid Formation
ClassificationAsteroid Belt
LocationBetween Ye'ten and M.iiy'ong

Ail'ka Belt Beta, known to the Xi'an as huichuai'syen ( Xi'an: huichuai2syen (Proper); viĵvai'zyen (Service); literally Second asteroid set (abbrv.); ) is a mineral rich belt is being actively mined by the Xi'an military. Rather than stripping the belt of its resources as quickly as possible, the preferred strategy seems to be only excavating what is actively needed for production at the time allowing the belt to serve as a natural vault for the valuable assets until they are needed.[1]

Located between Ye'ten and M.iiy'ong. It is more fully known to the Xi'an as huichuaihyao s.yen'o se Ail'ka ( Xi'an: huichuaihyao 4syen5#o se 9ail2ka (Proper); viĵvaiyao z.yen'o ze Ail'ga (Service); literally Second asteroid set of Ail'ka; ).


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