Terrestrial Rocky in the Ail'ka system
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationAil'ka III
Landing Zones1

Ye'ten (Ail'ka III) ( Xi'an; Xi'an: 9ye2ten (Proper); Ye'den (Service); literally Food Day; ) was terraformed specifically for optimal agricultural conditions, and all available arable land is being used for the cultivation of numerous staple crops. Access to the planet is extremely well-guarded, with all extra-planetary traffic directed to a single hermetically-sealed enclosure in order to prevent contamination of the crops from off-world visitors. It seems that these extra precautions are in place to preserve the farms and fermentation silos here as a strategic resource reserve to ensure that their forces can be self-sufficient and remain fed in case of war or other catastrophe. With the extremely long shelf life of Xi'an fermented food, it is estimated that there is years if not decades worth of rations being stored here.

Some visitors to the system have noted that the agricultural structures on Ye'ten are significantly older than the military constructions elsewhere in the system. This has lead many to speculate that Ail'ka was not always a military system, but rather was re-purposed after hostilities with the UEE began due to its proximity to the border.[1]


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