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Terrestrial Rocky in the Ail'ka system
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationAil'ka IV

M.iiy'ong (Ail'ka IV) ( Xi'an; Xi'an: 9mii14yong5 (Proper); M.iiy'on (Service); ) is the main population centre of the Ail'ka system. If there is anywhere deserving of the UEE's original designation for the system, "Beehive," it is here on M.iiy'ong. As the military headquarters of Ail'ka, the planet is a constant whirlwind of activity with transport ships delivering personnel and supplies around the clock. For the most part, each half of the world is dedicated to serve a particular function. The northern hemisphere is believed to contain training compounds, command bureaus, and intelligence facilities. This is mostly speculation as the area has been off limits, with all visitors being restricted to the southern hemisphere where massive manufacturing plants dot the surface.

Working directly with the military to deliver to soldiers the latest vehicles and armaments, many of the top Xi'an transportation, armor and weapon manufacturers operate from M.iiy'ong including ship manufacturer Aopoa. Most visitors to the system are typically heading to Aopoa's headquarters where any number of Human test pilots, engineers, press agents, and more are working on the next release of Human-converted ships like the Khartu-al, Nox, and San'tok.yāi.

Outside the factory, the 'dust halls' near the shipping yards are notorious for the soldiers who visit them looking to relax and blow off some steam. These combination taverns and spas can be quite busy near the end of a cycle, so it is recommended that Humans wishing to experience it for themselves visit during off-peak times.[1]

"Many parts of Ail'ka IV are highly restricted as the planet serves as the system's central military world. It is believed that certain sectors house and train soldiers while others are dedicated to building ships and weapons. Xi'an military ship manufacturer AopoA have their headquarters here."
Starmap [2]


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