Vice commodity
AltruciatoxinAltruciatoxin icon.svg
Occupancy1 SCU
Base price4,250 aUEC
Production stateImplemented

Altruciatoxin is a drug.

Uses and effects

Created by chemically processing the pollen of Revenant Tree (altrucia lacus). Common effects of ingesting or smoking altruciatoxin include relaxing of the muscles, sensory enhancement, and lethargy. Heavy usage can cause staining of the tongue.

As a Class B drug in Hurston Dynamics Jurisdiction, trafficking Altruciatoxin carries a fine of 8,750 UEC.

Meanwhile, in Crusader Industries Jurisdiction, Altruciatoxin is classified as Class C, with a trafficking penalty of 6,250 UEC and a fine for possession of 2,000 UEC.

Trade data

Location Buy Sell
The Orphanage, Lyria 4,250
Nuen Waste Management, Daymar 4,250
Jumptown, Daymar 4,250
Outpost 54, MicroTech (planet) 4,250
Raven's Roost, Calliope 4,250
Grim HEX, Yela 5,750
Reclamation & Disposal Orinth, Hurston 5,625
Samson & Son's Salvage Center, Wala 5,625
Brio's Breaker Yard, Daymar 5,625
Devlin Scrap & Salvage 5,625
CRU-L4 Shallow Fields Station 5,175
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