Anniversary Special 2017

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Anniversary Special 2017.png
Anniversary Special 2017
Event TypeVideo
Date2017-11-24 -
BroadcastYouTube (Pre-recorded)
Keynote DemosN/A
Concept SalesHawk
UEE Land Claim
Commemorative ItemsN/A
Preceded byCitizenCon 2017
Followed byHoliday Special 2017

The Anniversary Special 2017 was an 8-day pre-recorded video event organised by Cloud Imperium Games to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Star Citizen's crowdfunding campaign. The event ran from 24 November - 1 December 2017 with a new video each day, concept sales, returning sales of other ships, UEE Land Claim Licences, new merchandise and a week-long ship identification competition to win an Anvil Hawk.

Friday Nov 24th

  • New Merchandise
  • Anvil Ship Sale
  • Anvil Hawk Concept Sale

Saturday Nov 25th

Sunday Nov 26th

  • Alien Ship Sale
  • Ground Vehicle Sale

Monday Nov 27th

Tuesday Nov 28th

Wednesday Nov 29th

Thursday Nov 30th

Friday Dec 1st

  • Drake Ship Sale
  • Discount Starter Packages
  • Happy Hour Gamedev - YOU Pick the Next Drake Ship
  • Community voted for the Drake Vulture, an entry level Salvage ship. The other options were the Drake Kraken, a Scout Carrier Capital Ship, and the Drake Corsair, a multi-crew Explorer in the same bracket as the RSI Constellation.


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