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The Aegis Reclaimer Looking for Salvage Near Planet

Salvaging is the collection and processing of destroyed ships, stations, and other manufactured goods. Ships such as the Aegis Reclaimer and the Drake Vulture specialize in such a role; coming equipped with unmanned drones, tractor beams, and reclamation equipment to turn burned-out husks into valuable materials.

The first iteration of salvage gameplay has been implemented with Patch 3.18 including 'hull scraping' to sell material for profit and multitool repair.[1]

Salvaging Vessels

Drake Vulture

Drake Vulture Salvaging Ship Concept Art

The Vulture is the one-man salvage ship with plenty of on-board storage to help you out on those salvage operations. Featuring the rough and ready design of many of the Drake's vehicles, with an integrated tractor rig, alongside two of the highest tech salvaging lasers, and a cargo bay capable of holding 12 crates of RMC, this rugged ship will fulfill any individuals salvaging dreams.[2]

Aegis Reclaimer

The Aegis Dynamics Reclaimer is a capital sized multi-crew heavy-salvaging ship. With two independent salvaging turrets, unmanned drones, tractor beams, and crew facilities to boot, this is the ideal multi-crew salvaging ship available throughout the verse. The Reclaimer additionally sports a massive 120 SCU cargo bay directly on the salvage-processing deck, as well as an additional 180 SCU deck totaling 300 total SCU onboard.[3]

Types of salvage operations

Hull Scraping

3.18 Salvaging

This is the act of stripping away the outermost layer of a ship's fuselage and converting the material into RMC. Players may use either of the dedicated ships, or the multitool for this task.


Is the act of removing still-useful components, materials, and cargo from a ship for further refurbishment and resale throughout the verse.


Sometimes referred to as "munching," refers to the act of breaking down a ship into smaller chunks, which are then fed into specialized equipment to break them down further. While not currently implemented in game, both the Drake Vulture and Aegis Reclaimer will be capable of this function in a future update.[4]

Salvaging Gear

Salvage Lasers

Every vessel dedicated to salvaging has one or more salvaging lasers capable of stripping away large swatches of hull.

Salvaging Lasers
Baler Salvage Head The Baler Salvage Head, manufactured by Greycat Industrial is both durable and precise, even under the harshest of conditions. Designed to swap between three modules, the Baler is ready to rip apart whatever hull you find.

Personal Equipment

Pyro RYT Multi-Tool

The Greycat Pyro RYT Multi-Tool (or simply Personal Multi-tool) is a hand-held item that is equipped with the capabilities of a small-scale version of a workshop's repair arm.

Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment

The Cambio-Lite SRT Attachment enhances the Pyro RYT Multi-Tool by enabling salvaging and repair capabilities such as hull stripping.

Trade and Development Division (TDD)

The Trade and Development Division, otherwise known as "TDD," is a customs bureau division that regulates the commodity market on various planets throughout the verse. The Trade and Development Division is your one-stop-shop for offloading your hard-earned RMC for aUEC.

Approximate value per 100 units as of Alpha 3.18.2
Recycled Material Composite 65.79


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