Gameplay mechanics

Salvage is the collection and processing of ships, stations and other manufactured goods after they have been destroyed. Ships like the Reclaimer and the Vulture specialise in such a role; equipped with unmanned drones, tractor beams, and reclamation equipment to turn burnt-out husks into valuable materials.

The first iteration of gameplay has been implemented with Patch 3.18 including 'hull scraping' to sell material for profit and multitool repair. It can be obtained via salvage lasers on the Reclaimer and Vulture by activating the salvage mode or in FPS via the multitool. The Reclaimer can be manned with a second salvage turret, but also produces boxes of Recycled Material Composite (RMC) which must be stacked manually in the storage grid of the ship. The FPS Multitool can salvage small chunks and patch hull fissures.[1]


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