Arden-SL Arms

Arms armor manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems
Arden-SL Arms
ManufacturerRoussimoff Rehabilitation Systems (RRS)
TypeArms armor
ClassificationLight armor
Main setArden-SL
Environment protection
Temperature-38 / 68 °C
Damage resistance

The Arden-SL Arms is a light arms armor manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems. It is a part of the Arden-SL armor set.[1]

In-game description

"With its excellent design and eye-catching style, the Arden-SL armor exemplifies why security specialists love Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems. This versatile armor set lets the wearer stay agile but safe thanks to the precise placement of special composite armor plating and fabrics. It also features a toolbelt for easy access to important gear."

Buyable at

Location Store Price (aUEC) Editions
Port Trssler 520 (Default)
Area18 Cubby Blast 542 (Default)

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Arden-SL ForceFlex Undersuit Arden-SL Helmet Arden-SL Core Arden-CL Backpack Arden-SL Arms Arden-SL Legs


Image Name Color Description Notes Price ($)
Arden-SL - Default.png
(Default) Blue and grey coloring with green Camo. Available in-game only
Arden-SL - Balefire.png
"Balefire" Red and black coloring with yellow accents and a red camo neck covering. Limited Edition. This was given free to backers as part of the CitizenCon 2951 Digital Goodie pack.[2]
Archangel White and gray coloring with artic camo Part of the RRS Aarden-SL “Archangel” armor set in the RSI store 11.00
Rime Part of the RRS Aarden-SL “RIME” armor set in the RSI store 11.00


The Arden-SL set is introduced in Alpha 3.15.0. It is given out to all backers for free as a part of Digital Goodies Pack in CitizenCon 2021.[2]


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