Morozov-CH Backpack

Backpack manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems
Morozov-CH Backpack
ManufacturerRoussimoff Rehabilitation Systems (RRS)
ClassificationHeavy backpack
Main setMorozov-SH
Base price2,400 aUEC
Occupancy105,000 µSCU
Inventory100,000 µSCU
WeaponS4, S3

The Morozov-CH Backpack is a heavy backpack manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems. It is a part of the Morozov-SH heavy armor set.

In-game description

Comfortably carry vital gear with the Morozov-CH backpack. The softshell bag is made with an advanced duraweave that's lightweight yet ready for battlefield action. It also features several easy to access pockets and a plethora of straps to keep supplies secure and tight to your back.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Morozov-SH ForceFlex Undersuit Morozov Helmet Morozov Core Morozov Backpack Morozov Arms Morozov Legs
Sangar Helmet



(All are available in-game only)

Image Name Colour Description Notes aUEC $
"Morozov-CH Aftershock" Terracota color Available in-game only 2,400 [not available]
"Morozov-CH Terracota" Terracota color Available in-game only 2,400 [not available]
"Morozov-CH Thule" Terracota color Available in-game only 2,400 [not available]


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