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Baton manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems
ManufacturerRoussimoff Rehabilitation Systems (RRS)
Production stateAnnounced 11th October, 2014

The FACTION-9 Baton is a close quarters melee weapon manufactured by Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems and has emerged to be popular with hunters and law enforcement personnel. With a voltage output exceeding 9mVolts, the Faction-9 can effectively immobilize a wide range of living beings, human or otherwise. Its military-grade aluminum alloy construction renders it a formidable weapon, even without a charge. The baton's textured rubber grip provides insulation against inadvertent discharges and is complemented by a ballistic holster. The Faction-9's design and features make it a game-changing tool for law enforcement and hunting professionals, enhancing their ability to subdue targets without causing lethal harm.[1] The Baton is Roussimoff's signature product.

Buyable at

Last updated with info from patch 3.19.1.

The weapon is not yet playable in-game.



The FACTION-9 Baton was announced as part of the Advocacy tools set on the 11th October, 2014 and is no longer purchasable on the pledge store.[2] It is not currently available in game as of Star Citizen Alpha 3.19.0.[3]

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