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Aztalan Core

Torso armor manufactured by Tehachapi
Tehachapi Light Armor Torso Base.jpg
Aztalan Core
TypeTorso armor
ClassificationLight Armor
ManufacturerTehachapi (THP)
Main setAztalan
Production stateIn production
Inventory8,000 µSCU
Environment protection
Temperature-35 / 65 °C
Damage resistance

The Aztalan Core is a light torso armor manufactured by Tehachapi. It is a part of the Aztalan armor set.[1]

In-game description

Fear no frontier while wearing the Aztalan armor. This mixture of armor plating and reinforced fabrics will keep you safe yet swift on your feet. Tehachapi's masterful design gives the armor a subtle yet unmistakable frontier style that also providing ample storage. Suitable for everything from sand dunes to bustling backstreets, the Aztalan is the ideal choice for your next adventure.

Armor components

Set name Helmet Core Arms Legs
Aztalan Aztalan Helmet Aztalan Core Aztalan Arms Aztalan Legs


The Aztalan armor set is first teased without a name in Porfolio: Tehachapi in the volume 9 issue 4 of the Jump Point magazine.[2] It is first spotted in game files in Alpha 3.13.1.[1] In the next issue of Jump Point magazine after that, the armor set was featured on the last page, confirming it as the next Subscriber flair.[3]


Tehachapi deracine armour 01.jpg
Tehachapi Light Armor Torso Base.jpg
Tehachapi Light Armor Torso Orange.jpg
Tehachapi Light Armor Torso Grey.jpg


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