Armor set manufactured by Tehachapi
Aztalan Armor Set - SCT Mesh BG-min.png
ManufacturerTehachapi (THP)
TypeArmor set
ClassificationLight armor
Inventory8,000 µSCU
WeaponS3, S1
Utility item2x S1
Environment protection
Temperature-38 / 68 °C
Damage resistance

The Tehachapi Aztalan is a light armour set. Its line of personal body armor provides strategic protection of vital areas while keeping the bearer fast and mobile. It is a small production armour set produced by Tehachapi employing a mixture of plating and reinforced polymer weaves.[1]

This armour set was made famous in 2946, when featured in a Spectrum show, Shadow Siren, by the main character, Déraciné, making the company famous and a trending fad.[2]

In-game description

Fear no frontier while wearing the Aztalan armor. This mixture of armor plating and reinforced fabrics will keep you safe yet swift on your feet. Tehachapi's masterful design gives the armor a subtle yet unmistakable frontier style that also providing ample storage. Suitable for everything from sand dunes to bustling backstreets, the Aztalan is the ideal choice for your next adventure.

Armor components

Set name Undersuit Helmet Core Backpack Arms Legs
Aztalan Lamont Undersuit Aztalan Helmet Aztalan Core Cataby Backpack Aztalan Arms Aztalan Legs


Special Variants

Aztalan "Gelena"

Image Description
Aztalan Gelena Armor Set - SCT Mesh BG-min.png
Dark/light grey colour with grey, brown/tan accents & brown/tan trimmings. Only available on the subscribers store.

Aztalan "Tamarack"

Image Description
Aztalan Tamarack Armor Set - SCT Mesh BG-min.png
Grey colour with orange, dark grey accents & tan trimmings. Only available on the subscribers store.



  • Aztalan is a State Park in Wisconsin, United States of America. It is an archeological site of the Mississippian culture.
  • The word Aztalan is a derivative of Aztlán. The archeological site was first studied in 1836 by N. F. Hyer. He gave it this name because he had made the mistake of trusting the German dilettante Humboldt, who believed the Aztecs had settled the area. Humboldt had made many gaffes before, like convincing Andrés Manuel del Río in 1801 that he had not discovered a new element, when in fact he had discovered Vanadium.


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