Branaugh II

Terrestrial Rocky in the Branaugh system
Branaugh II.png
Branaugh II
ClassificationTerrestrial Rocky
LocationUnclaimed space
Branaugh system
└─ Orbiting Branaugh (star)

Branaugh II is a non-terraformed terrestrial rocky planet which features a set of planetary rings. The world is barely habitable, and according to UEE surveyors, the efforts of extracting the planet's resources would outweigh the benefits.


During Desmond Fell's initial survey, the planet's environment seemed very hostile, with constant storms and high winds. Fell also discovered the body of Theresa Branaugh in a small cave, and her ship half buried into the ground close by. After officials did their research they reported that she had been killed, possibly by someone who had used the planet as a hideout. The case was never solved.

The planet was eventually abandoned by the UEE for lack of economic incentives to justify the cost of settling on it. After that time, only curious explorers, miners or outlaws would occasionally visit it.

Tevarin Diaspora

It wasn't until 2928 that an ICC cartographer discovered that during this time, Tevarin had been drifting into the system over the years. These Tevarin, who had been assimilated into the government after their loss in the Second Tevarin War, found themselves aimless and adrift within the UEE. Some tried to embrace their new government, but some sank into despondency. The Branaugh system simply offered something that these Tevarin were searching for: an unused and ignored corner of the universe, where they could be left alone. Despite the hostile environment, Tevarin managed to make Branaugh II and its asteroid field their home.[1]

"Featuring a beautiful set of planetary rings, this world is barely habitable. UEE surveyors concluded in the assessments that the effort to extract the planet's resources far outweigh the benefits. The Tevarin diaspora, however, slowly congregated to the system to live with minimal outside interference. Their collective effort has somehow made this planet livable without terraforming."
Ark Starmap[2]



When Tevarin began to migrate to the planet, they initially took over the outposts and structures originally used by the UEE Pathfinders to study the planet and subsequently abandoned. As more settlers arrived, most claimed their own isolated corner of the planet as their own, but some built around this initial cluster of outposts to create the closest thing Branaugh II has to a town. Named Ne'er (a mispronunciation of the Cathcart slang term 'now'er' for 'nowhere'), this sprawling frontier town has become the main trading hub for the planet, exchanging goods and services with those travelling through, as well as providing a place for locals to pick up supplies.[1]


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