Desmond Fell

Character in Star Citizen
Desmond Fell
Race Human
Gender male
Born 2872 (before)
Current Employment
Occupation Geologist, Surveyor, Explorer

Desmond Fell was a surveyor and explorer who is known for his discovery of the Branaugh system in 2877.

Desmond Fell always dreamed of charting the stars. Even as a child, growing up near the shipping pads on Lo in Corel system, he not only daydreamed about searching the cosmos to unlock its secrets, but also about getting to experience the varied cultures within the UEE. His ultimate goal, however, was to discover a new solar system.

From geology coursework to weekend survival excursions to Castor, Fell dedicated every waking moment to absorbing everything that could potentially help him in his chosen vocation. He graduated from ULON with a shared degree in political discourse and geotechnology, and immediately began working as a surveyor for a mining company, while saving money for his own ship.

During that time, Fell had been visiting the Chronos system to look at the UEE's Synthworld project. He went there in his first ship, a scrappy Aurora in which he had special scanning mods installed. With it, he discovered a jump point that headed straight into uncharted space. After returning to Chronos to stock up on supplies and fuel, he went back to chart the system, discovering 3 planets orbiting a K-type main sequence star. Desmond Fell searched Branaugh II, the systems only planet just on the edge of the green zone. Its rocky surface looked devoid of any life, possibly due to the storms and heavy winds on the surface. Fell instead found a half buried ship that seemed it had exploded. Nearby was a small cave that contained a corpse. Fell submitted a jump point discovery form to the Department of Transportation and Navigation and a report to the Advocacy.

After a long investigation by UEE officials, it was concluded the body was that of Theresa Branaugh, who had died there when she initially discovered the system, possibly killed by someone who was using the system as a hideout. This tragic fate led Fell to name the system after her.[1]


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