Branaugh system

Single star system with 3 planets.
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Branaugh system
Branaugh system
Single Star
1.3 AU
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K-type main sequence
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The Branaugh system is known for its disturbing, dangerous and haunting quality. This unclaimed system is only accessible through a smaller jump point, preventing large ships from traveling there. Due to the challenge this jump point created to bring the necessary terraforming equipment into the system, the UEE quickly dismissed Branaugh's only habitable planet as unworthy of its attention. Over the years, the system has become home to the largest concentration of Tevarin people.

"Branaugh is an unclaimed system and not subject to the same level of security enjoyed by civilized systems. Anyone attempting to visit should exercise extreme caution."
Transport Safety Board travel warning[1]


Initial discovery

The Branaugh system was discovered by Desmond Fell in 2877 when he had been visiting the Chronos system to look at the UEE's Synthworld project. He went there in his first ship, a scrappy Aurora in which he had special scanning mods installed. With it, he discovered a jump point that headed straight into uncharted space. After returning to Chronos to stock up on supplies and fuel, he went back to chart the system, discovering 3 planets orbiting a K-type main sequence star. Desmond Fell searched Branaugh II, the systems only planet just on the edge of the green zone. Its rocky surface looked devoid of any life, possibly due to the storms and heavy winds on the surface. Fell instead found a half buried ship that seemed it had exploded. Nearby was a small cave that contained a corpse. Fell submitted a jump point discovery form to the Department of Transportation and Navigation and a report to the Advocacy.

While Imperial surveyors were assessing the system, a joint task force of Naval Investigative Division and Advocacy agents from Chronos launched an investigation to this curious situation. The operation was hampered by the limited jump point size, so surveyors couldn't get larger transports into the system. The Advocacy finally identified the body as Theresa Branaugh, an explorer who had been missing for nearly four years.

"After all this time, I can't believe it. All those people who told me I should just stop. That I'm wasting my time … It's weird though. Standing where I am right now, I don't want to rub their faces in this. Tell them 'I told you so.' They just didn't know what I was chasing. This feeling right here, right now, this made all the lows worth it, but for me. Not them. I'm happy to be me."
Last journal entry of Theresa Branaugh[1]

Using all the research extracted from her friends, family and her MobiGlas, agents managed to compile a report. Much like Desmond Fell, Theresa Branaugh was a lone explorer flying on her own. Her deep debt caused her to borrow from whomever she could in order to keep going. This is why during her initial disappearance the authorities suspected she had simply run afoul of a loan shark. Instead Branaugh had found the new system and encountered someone that was using the system as a hideout. Branaugh died for this and Advocacy were unable to find any clues to her killer. The case remains unsolved to this day. Desmond Fell was moved by the tragic fate and so decided to name the system after her.[1]


After this, surveyors were busy compiling resource assessments while planetary engineers studied the terraforming prospects of the second planet and the military conducted a strategic analysis. After assessing the presented findings, the Senate subcommittee on Expansion recommended the Imperator to pass on claiming the system, citing the lack of economic incentives to justify the cost of establishing settlements there. The system was abandoned and only curious explorers, miners or outlaws would occasionally visit it.

"It's wretched. I couldn't think of anyone who would possibly want to live there."
Excerpt from Dr. Ellis Vonat's summary of findings to Senate Subcommittee on Expansion[1]

New inhabitants

In 2928, an ICC cartographer travelled to the system to perform a series of long-distance scans and discovered that after the UEE's abandonment of the system, Tevarin had been drifting into the system over the years. These Tevarin, who had been assimilated into the government after their loss in the Second Tevarin War, found themselves aimless and adrift within the UEE. Some tried to embrace their new government, but some sank into despondency. The Branaugh system simply offered something that these Tevarin were searching for: an unused and ignored corner of the universe, where they could be left alone. Despite the hostile environment, Tevarin managed to make Branaugh II and its asteroid field their home.[1]

Gravitational governers


Branaugh is a K-type main sequence star.


Branaugh I

A terrestrial rocky planet on a rapid orbit around the star.

Branaugh II

Featuring a beautiful set of planetary rings, this world is barely habitable, even though it is positioned on the edge of the green zone. The planet consists of rocky terrain, initially devoid of any life, possibly due to the storms and heavy winds on the surface.[1] UEE surveyors concluded in their assessment that the effort to extract the planet's resources far outweighed the benefits. The Tevarin Diaspora, however, slowly congregated to the system to live with minimal outside interference. Their collective effort has somehow made the planet livable without terraforming.

When Tevarin began to migrate to the planet, they initially took over the outposts and structures originally used by the UEE Pathfinders to study the planet and subsequently abandoned. As more settlers arrived, most claimed their own isolated corner of the planet as their own, but some built around this initial cluster of outposts to create the closest thing Branaugh II has to a town. Named Ne'er (a mispronunciation of the Cathcart slang term 'now'er' for 'nowhere'), this sprawling frontier town has become the main trading hub for the planet, exchanging goods and services with those travelling through, as well as providing a place for locals to pick up supplies.[1]

Branaugh III

A gas giant where Tevarin-built refineries collect hydrogen fuel. Nicknamed "Tempest" for its continual planetwide storms, this sprawling gas giant offers the other source of income for the system. Settlers on Branaugh II have set up harvesting facilities to refine the planet's gases.[1]

Asteroid belts

Belt Alpha

Belt Alpha is located between the planets Branaugh II and Branaugh III. This staggered belt of asteroids provides the bulk of the system's income. Residents and smaller mining operations set up digs on the various asteroids to mine and trade out-of-system. Again, thanks to the restricted nature of the jump point, none of the larger mining companies can get their larger machines in here, keeping it open for independent operators. Pilots should be careful though; several of the more reclusive Tevarin settlers who find Branaugh II 'too populated' live in the belt. Most locals will even avoid travelling through this belt if necessary, as a handful ships reportedly vanish here every year.[1]

Known jump points

Jump Gate Type Size Destination
Branaugh - Chronos Medium Chronos system



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