Theresa Branaugh

Character in Star Citizen
Theresa Branaugh
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2872 (before)
Died 2877 (before)
Current Employment
Occupation Geologist, Surveyor, Explorer

Theresa Branaugh was a surveyor and explorer who is known for her initial (unofficial) discovery of the Branaugh system, before it was officially discovered by Desmond Fell in 2877.

"After all this time, I can't believe it. All those people who told me I should just stop. That I'm wasting my time … It's weird though. Standing where I am right now, I don't want to rub their faces in this. Tell them 'I told you so.' They just didn't know what I was chasing. This feeling right here, right now, this made all the lows worth it, but for me. Not them. I'm happy to be me."
Last journal entry of Theresa Branaugh[1]

Branaugh's body was discovered on Branaugh II by Desmond Fell when he discovered the system. It was located inside of a small cave close to an overlook where her ship was half buried in the ground by the planet's rough weather and harsh winds.

Using all the research extracted by the Advocacy from her friends, family and her MobiGlas, officials managed to compile a report. Much like Desmond Fell, Theresa Branaugh was a lone explorer flying on her own. Her deep debt caused her to borrow from whomever she could in order to keep going. This is why during her initial disappearance the authorities suspected she had simply run afoul of a loan shark. Instead Branaugh had found the new system and encountered someone that was using the system as a hideout. Branaugh died for this and Advocacy were unable to find any clues to her killer. The case remains unsolved to this day. Desmond Fell was moved by the tragic fate and so decided to name the system after her.[1]


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