Brentworth Care Center

Human company in the healthcare industry
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Brentworth Care Center
ProductsMedical care, cosmetic surgery, cybernetic replacements
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderJaleel Brentworth
Founded2862 CE; 92 years ago (2862)

Brentworth Care Center is a chain of luxury healthcare facilities known for their high quality of care and service. The company was founded in 2862 by Dr. Jaleel Brentworth.[1]


Dr. Jaleel Brentworth was inspired to study medicine after his older brother Sajit died following complications from an artificial liver implant. Brentworth attended the University of Earth at Australia where he researched ways to improve connections between cybernetic implants and the human nervous system. He worked under Dr. Ariel Roux but split with her to focus more on patient comfort during procedures.

In 2862, Brentworth opened the first Brentworth Care Center in New York City with investment from his parents. The facility was designed like a luxury resort to relax patients. Word spread among politicians and celebrities about the quality work and privacy, leading to booming business. Brentworth slowly expanded to more locations but maintained tight oversight and standards. All centers were built to his specifications for ambiance and used the latest medical technology.

By the early 2900s, Brentworth Care Centers were in systems across the UEE but remained the premier brand in luxury healthcare. Dr. Brentworth retired in 2917 and passed away soon after at age 87. The company continues operating top medical facilities bearing his name and dedication to quality.[1]


Brentworth Care Centers provide standard medical care along with cosmetic surgery, cybernetic implants, and other elective procedures. Their focus is providing a relaxing, spa-like environment before and after procedures to aid the healing process. Locations feature resort-style amenities and the latest medical technology.[1]


The premium service comes at a high price, which has led some insurance companies to accuse Brentworth of artificially inflating costs. However, Dr. Brentworth defended the prices as necessary to fund the additional care and amenities he believed essential for proper recuperation.[1]


Brentworth is currently known to operate a hospital in New Babbage's Aspire Grand district.


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