Brentworth Care Center

Human company in the healthcare industry
Brentworth Care Center - JP0907.svg
Brentworth Care Center
ProductsMedical care, cosmetic surgery, cybernetic replacements
Area servedUnited Empire of Earth
FounderJaleel Brentworth
Founded2862 CE; 91 years ago (2862)

Brentworth Care Center is a medical care provider. With hospitals located around the Empire, it frequently ranks among the top companies in the UEE for both patient health, customer happiness, and cost. Due to the high cost of service, some insurance companies have complained of inflated prices and even threatened to reject care coverage. However, founder Dr. Jaleel Brentworth's vision of successful medical treatment included rehabilitation, and he claimed this additional attention to patient well-being justifies the cost.[1]


Brentworth is currently known to operate a hospital in New Babbage's Aspire Grand district.


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