Universities of the Sol system

List of Universities in humanity's home system

As the home system of mankind, Sol is home to numerous ancient and prestigious institutions of higher education on both Earth and Mars.

Moscow, on Earth. Home to the University of Moscow.

University of Earth at Australia

The University of Earth at Australia (UEA) conducted the 2832 expedition to Zaffre Bay outside Prime on Terra led by Dr. Kleina Vasli, that uncovered the Vasli Fragment Stone.[1]

Alumni and Faculty of University of Earth at Australia

Haymore School of Economics

The Haymore School of Economics is located in Geneva. Magda Hurston studied here for her undergraduate and graduate degrees, where she attained a Master of Science in Organizational and Social Psychology. Her dissertation, Live, Work, and Play: Employee Productivity in Controlled Environments, was selected as one of the winners of the Best Dissertation Prize for the 2854/2855 academic year.[3]

University of Moscow

The University of Moscow is home to the exolinguistics department who were tasked with studying the Vanduul language aboard a captured Vanduul carrier.[4] It is not clear whether the University of Moscow is related to any institution from the 21st Century.

Martian Institute of Space and Technology

The Martian Institute of Space and Technology (MIST) is located in Port Renatus. Founded in 2221 in response to rapid changes in space technology in the Sol system, MIST places importance on laboratory work, applied science, and other hands-on activities to promote the growth of its students. The institute maintains a complex urban campus that encompasses many well-known laboratories such as the Zemlock Observatory and the Sono and Nyemeto Laboratory,[5] which were named for the Alumni and Faculty involved in the discovery of the Rhetor system[6]. Students and faculty at MIST have won a large number of educational awards over the centuries.[5]

The University was credited with kick-starting the Second Nuclear Age in 2247, with the commissioning of an advanced Thorium reactor in Port Renatus.[7]

Alumni and Faculty of MIST

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