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Bryan Brewer

Lead Animator at Cloud Imperium Games
Bryan Brewer

Bryan Brewer is Lead Animator, head of the persistent univberse animations at Cloud Imperium Games.[1]

Work at CIG

He has been working at CIG since January 2nd 2013.[2] Among other things he has been in charge of building the motion capture system from the very beginning.[3]

Other Works

He started in film and television, working at DNA on Jimmy Neutron, doing commercials for MTV and ESPN.

He went to work on Clive's Barker Demonic for the X-Box 360, he later worked on Starhawk.[4]

He was working at Lightbox, and when Lightbox shut down he was poached by Eric Peterson, alongside with Mark Skelton, Chris Smith, Chris Olivia, Tom Sawyer.[5]


  • His favorite ship is the 300i[1]


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