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Series Variants

Ares Inferno

Ares Inferno - Front Starboard.jpg
The Ares Inferno is a purpose-built anti-capital fighter with an integrated size 7 ballistic gatling by Behring. Capable of devastating sustained fire, the Inferno overwhelms enemies with unrelenting fire, taking down smaller ships and quickly shredding the hull of large vessels. Though capable alone, this ship is a potent ally to the Ares Ion in capital ship hunting; pairing its armor-piercing rounds with the ION's shield-disabling shots.

Ares Ion

Ares Ion - Front Starboard.jpg
The Crusader Industries Ares Ion is a purpose-built anti-capital fighter. Designed to lead the charge against capital ships and heavily armed flotillas, the Ares ION excels spearheading a fleet of fighters and support ships. Its purpose-built Behring SF7E laser cannon accurately delivers high-powered shots to quickly disable the shields of gunships and, with the support of other Ares variants, efficiently incapacitate capital-class vessels.


Image Paint Name Description Price (aUEC) Price ($)
Ares Inferno - Front Starboard - Ember skin.jpg
"Ember Skin" A limited dark grey livery with grey accents. Sold with the concept sale. n/a n/a
Ares Ion - Front Starboard - Rediance Skin.jpg
"Radiance Skin" A limited all white livery with light grey accents. Sold with the concept sale. n/a n/a

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