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SF7B Ballistic Gatling

Vehicle weapon manufactured by Behring Applied Technology
Behring-SF7B Ballistic Gatling Gun.png
SF7B Ballistic Gatling
ManufacturerBehring Applied Technology (BEHR)
TypeBallistic Gatling

The Behring SF7B Ballistic Gatling Gun is a size 7 ballistic gatling gun, designed specifically for Crusader Industries to fit on their design of the Ares Inferno starfighter. The weapon is designed to take on capital class ships. Unlike the SF7E variant, this weapon does not require additional components to operate. Therefore it can carry additional ammunition.[1][2]

Product Description

"The SF7B ballistic Gatling gun is built for the independent engagement of large spacecraft. Its high-density rounds tear through armor and disable shields, leaving enemy vessels open to further offensive fire and missile attacks. Smaller ships will be reduced to shreds in seconds."[2]


Ares Inferno - In Hangar - closeup of Behring SF7B Ballistic Gatling Gun.jpg
Ares Ion and Inferno flying firing weapons.jpg


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