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"Since the Banu have traded heavily with other species for hundreds of years, the Defenders have a patchwork design that incorporates elements of tech from other cultures. The shields, for example, were Tevarin in design. The thrusters came from the Xi’an. This approach highlights one of the key points of Banu engineering, if the technology works better for the overall design, the Banu will use it."
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TThe Banu Defender ( Banu: oktæ banu(oktæ Banu); ) is a small two-seat combat ship utilized by the Banu to provide protection and fly alongside the Merchantman. Its design features both Xi'an thrusters, Tevarin shields, and four Singe tachyon cannons. As a result, with a light-weight hull, it allows the ship to be agile and fast. Though cargo space is limited, the Defender features modest accommodations for its crew and provides easy access to components.[1][2]
Isometric Above Port-side Front Rear Below
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Defender in Space - Above.jpg
Defender in Space - Port.jpg
Defender in Space - Front.jpg
Defender in Space - Rear.jpg
Defender in Space - Below.jpg



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