Cherie Heiberg

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Cherie Heiberg

Cherie Heiberg holds the position of Archivist & Associate Writer at Cloud Imperium Games.

Work at CIG

As an archivist, in addition to contributing to worldbuilding efforts herself, Cherie is responsible for organizing and maintaining Star Citizen's growing body of lore while also ensuring that the lore remains internally consistent. Cherie writes and manages the Galactapedia, and is also responsible for the alien culture portions of lore, including language documentation. She is the main point of contact on the Narrative team for questions about planetary science.

Other Works

She used to work for a newspaper.[1]


  • She has a Master's degree in lIbrary science, majored in english literature and english writing. She specialized in digital archiving.[1]
  • She wrote a paper on Building A Strategy For Digital Game Preservation Based On The Practices Of Communities Of Players.[2][3]


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