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CitizenCon 2019 - The Adventure Begins

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The Anvil Carrack has unveiled its own trailer, scheduled to be flyable February 2020 in an incremental 3.8.X patch. Chris Roberts demonstrated a demo with the Carrack involving five players in orbit of MicroTech. The players shared a mission to New Babbage at Microtech, the upcoming 3.9 planet. They started by undocking the Carrack's snub, the Pisces and quantum traveling to a low-orbiting planetary station. They flew throughout the city to New Babbage's space sport, which is located on the side of a mountain. They talked to a virtual assistant that tells jokes and tells basic information. The player arrived to their destination, picked up a coat and the mission keycard. The demo ends while the player is riding an AI-controlled shuttle Valkyrie to somewhere in the city. The rest of the demo will be demonstrated later during CitizenCon 2019

Tech-wise, they have demonstrated:

Functional ship lockers

New interaction UI with the Carrack elevator

Weather effects on cockpit

Planetary Fog

Player habs inside space stations

Physicalized clothing with soft-body physics, player picked up a shirt and equipped it

Player status with internal player and external environmental temperature.

NPC AI shuttles with ships, notably a white MicroTech logo'ed Anvil Valkyrie

Planetary Tech v4

Planetary tech v4: Large Scale Terrain Shadows, even from space we will see terrain shadows from long range from space. Texture popping, janky LOD's, cross-fading will be gone and they want it to be seamless. Microtech features frozen oceans, mountains, trees, cities. Chris Roberts stated that they have recreated all the planets and moons in two months for planets.

Initial summaries by "Mr. Slim Goodbody" on the /r/starcitizen discord, used here with permission.

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