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Valkyrie flying in space firing all guns.jpg
ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace (ANVL)
SizeMedium (1)
FocusHeavy Dropship
Production stateFlight Ready
Maximum crew5
Cargo capacity30 SCU
Pledge cost375 USD
Null-cargo mass75,000 kg
SCM speed165 m/s
Maximum speed1,100 m/s
Length38 m
Beam28 m
Height9.5 m

The Valkyrie heavy dropship is a troop transport by Anvil Aerospace. It is designed to safely deploy up to twenty armed troops along with a single vehicle into combat zones. Armed with multiple turrets and side guns, it can provide heavy overwatch to deployed troops, clearing a safe landing zone. [citation needed ]


The main bay in the Valkyrie utilizes unique Magnetic Gridlock Plates which only secures ferromagnetic vehicular metals and not likewise ferromagnetic Cargo Unit crates.[citation needed ]


  • Valkyrie Liberator: For over a century, Anvil ships have distinguished themselves in countless civilian and military combat operations. Honor that proud tradition with the limited Liberator Edition Valkyrie, featuring an exclusive trim package commemorating the dropship's debut at CitizenCon 2948.

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