CitizenCon 2021

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CitizenCon 2021 (2951)
Event TypeVirtual event
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CitizenCon 2951 (2021) was an event held online on October 9, 2021. Rather than meeting in a convention center, the event was streamed on Twitch due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which had cancelled CitizenCon 2020 the year prior.[1]

Schedule and Panels

Time Panel Description
15:00 UTC Opening address by Chris Roberts
15:05 UTC Life in the Verse Guided tour of locations, systems, gameplay, & more
17:15 UTC Ship Talk Reveal of new and upcoming ships, discussion on production, and updates on existing concepts
19:00 UTC Gen 12 and the Multicore of Vulkan In-depth rundown of how and why the Gen12 renderer and Vulkan API are being implemented
19:40 UTC Crafting Worlds: Planetary Tools and Tech A look at upcoming planet tech features
20:00 UTC Server Meshing and the State of Persistence Deep dive of key pillars that enable a scalable and persistent world
20:30 UTC The Sounds of Space Showcase of new audio tech
21:15 UTC Systemic Gameplay: Stream of Thought Tony Z updates us on how Quantum simulation integration is progressing, along with discussion of upcoming features and Dynamic Events
23:00 UTC Closing by Chris Roberts

Goodie pack

A digital goodies pack was handed out to all backers for free, contrary to previous years, where backers had to pay for the pack. The pack contained the following items:


The event saw a few newly revealed vehicles, coupled with a concept sale:

  • Anvil Liberator, a transport ship meant to carry other vehicles and ships;
  • Origin 400i, a luxury medium-sized exploration ship.

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