CitizenCon 2023

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CitizenCon 2023 (2953)
Event TypeOpen Venue
LocationLos Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles, USA
DateOctober 21, 2023
Live StreamTwitch
Preceded byCitizenCon 2022

CitizenCon 2953 (2023) is the upcoming tenth CitizenCon expo scheduled on October 21, 2023 in Los Angeles, USA.[1] Event sponsors include CLX Gaming, ASUS ROG, VKB SIM, and tobii.[2]

"After four long years, it’s back. CitizenCon returns live and in person, touching down at the Los Angeles Convention Center October 21st and 22nd.

This epic TWO DAY event is more than just a convention; it’s a pan-galactic celebration of the vibrant community that breathes life into the Star Citizen universe. A place where we can come together and share the remarkable things we’ve achieved together, while looking forward to a future brimming with even more amazing adventures.

Buckle up pilot, you’re about to embark on an unforgettable journey beyond imagination.", acc. 2023-10-09

Schedule and Panels

These took place in the 'Stanton Theater'.[2]

Date Time (Pacific) Panel Discription
October 21 11:00 Shaping the 'Verse - The Future of StarEngine From pixel to persistent universe and everything in between, join us as we showcase the power and depth of StarEngine, enabling the seamless scale that push our games to the cutting edge of industry, technology, and beyond.
12:30 Fix it and Fly it Want to get a look at Resource Management in action? Here we showcase an exciting upcoming gameplay role that shakes up the vehicle experience, continues our journey towards multicrew gameplay, and affects all life in the 'verse as we know it.
13:30 Cosplay Competition
15:00 Talking Ship 2953 Presenting this year's newly released vehicles, with a focus on how lore of the past is shaping vehicles of the future, as well as a look at the Pipeline itself and the new methodologies within.
16:00 Navigating the Universe Travel with us to the forefront of navigation with a look at the evolution of UI features that view, engage, and interact with their surroundings, offering exciting new perspectives on the Star Citizen universe.
October 22 11:00 Character Advancement We explore the outlaw styles found on the far frontier, the new technologies enabling our next generation of character customisation, and the much anticipated arrival diverse coiffure.
12:00 Life In the First Person Get an up close and personal look at upcoming major improvements to first-person gameplay, diversified combat AI behavior, overhauled weapon handling, and how we're shaping a more immersive, dynamic universe through seamless and tactile interactions.
13:00 Taking Flight We launch into the next iteration of Star Citizen's flight experience and explore impending improvements for every aspect of space and atmospheric traversal, combat and interaction.
15:00 Living on the Edge We delve into the living conditions and environments of outlaws and settlers trying to carve out an existence beyond the safety of the

UEE, mega-corporations, and other confines of 30th century society.

16:00 Destination: Adventure From high up in orbit, down to the surface of our planets, and deep into the underground, we delve into new interactions, missions and gameplay and more coming to the Star Citizen universe on all levels.
16:45 Closing Ceremony Contents of this panel were previously unannounced, but included a preview of base building for Star Citizen and the Squadron 42: I Held The Line trailer was featured

Meet & Greet

These took place informally in the 'General Lounge'.

Date Time (Pacific) Teams Staff members
October 21 13:00 Locations 1 Todd Papy, Kaan Cakir, Adam Sanders, John Griffiths
14:00 StarEngine Benoît Beauséjour, Ali Brown, Will Hain, Ben Parry, Chris Raine, Paul Reindell, Marco Corbetta, Mike Snowdon
15:00 Resource Management Thorsten Leimann, Guillermo Bilbao
15:00 Tobii Meet the team behind the Tobii Eye Tracker 5
16:00 Locations 2 Nicolas Painchaud, Eddie Hilditch, Nic Etheridge, Rainer Ricq
17:00 Ships John Crewe, Ben Curtis, Mark Gibson, Elwin Bachiller Jr
October 22 12:00 UI David Bone Gill, Zane Bien, Emily Hanson, Simon Bursey
13:00 Character André Pires, Forrest Stephan, Sean Tracy, Ian Leyland
14:00 FPS Jens Lind, Zac Preece, Francesco Roccucci
15:00 Flight Yogi Klatt, Toni Arias, Diego Marti Mason, Inês Caldas

Community Booths

Booth No. Names Booth No. Names
01 CIG Props 11 United Space Confederation
02 Test Squadron 12 Atlas Defense Industries
03 Altama Energy 13 Sol Armada
04 Hubnet 14 Tesseract Corporation
05 Cosplay & Maker Community 15 Sol Citizens
06 Imperium 16 Quantum Jump
07 Equinox & Vanguard 17 Ixsystems
08 The Corporation 18 Xi'an Workshop
09 Atmo Esports 19 Walkers of Sigma
10 JRDF 20 Asus/Republic of Gaming


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