Francesco Roccucci

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Francesco Roccucci

Francesco Roccuci is AI Director at Cloud Imperium Games.[1]

Works at CIG

Francesco Roccucci was the Lead AI Programmer at Foundry 42 Frankfurt before becoming AI Director.[2]

The AI in games is connected to pretty much all other departments so on a daily basis he works a lot with Animation and Design in addition to the other programmers. He also has to overview and review the work of those additional departments, for example reviewing the implementation of new behaviours or helping the animation team to define which animations are needed and how they could implement best in the game.[3]

Other Works

He started working as a web designer / developer in 2000 while studying.[4]

His first job in video games AI was in the EA Phenomic studio in Ingelheim, where he worked on Battleforge as Tools Programmer Intern.[3]

He worked at Crytek from 2009 to 2015, on Ryse: Son of Rome, CryEngine and the AI of Crysis 3.[5][3]

Early Life

His first memory of video games can be dated 1983-1984, he was 3-4 years old when he saw Jumping Acrobats on a Philips Videopac at his cousin’s place. He got a Commodore 64 as a gift from his parents a few years later and was so amazed by what that piece of technology could do that he dedicated a lot of time to learn Basic and started programming his first text-adventures. That built the dream of becoming a video-games programmer, in particular to work on Artificial Intelligence.[3]

He studied Informatics Engineering at La Sapienza in Rome and got a Master's degree, with a major in Artificial Intelligence.[3]


"Real life, which is perceived as intelligent, is linked to the quantity of options that are actually presented to all of us every day, and we also grasp them as something rational, since we are forced to make preferences." - Francesco Roccucci[6]

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