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2795: A Kinder, Gentler Human
SeriesTime Capsule
TypeSpectrum Dispatch
Source2795: A Kinder, Gentler Human
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<translate> Fair Chance Act

  • Principles
  • Designation of Developing Species
  • Terraforming Articles and Conditions
  • Resources for Ecological Protection
  • Judicial Review and Criminal Prosecution

Section I


Article 1

The aim of this Act is to protect the lives and well-being of species, [hereafter Species] on planets who have not developed but possess the reasonable capacity for evolution into intelligence, based on the responsibility of human beings for their fellow creatures. No one may cause a Species pain, suffering or harm without good reason. </translate>

<translate> Section II </translate>

<translate> Designation of Developing Species </translate>

<translate> Article 2 </translate>

<translate> Upon discovery of a new planet and/or system, an independent panel consisting of UEE representatives, exobiologists, and Corp engineers [heretofore collectively known as Panel] will: </translate>

<translate> 1. Run non-invasive scans and assessments on each planet in the system to understand whether life is already developing; </translate>

<translate> 2. Submit all reports and present findings to UEE Senate Subcommittee on Expansion & Development; </translate>

<translate> 3. Monitor and maintain the ecological sanctity of any planet deemed Developing by conclusion between Independent Panel and Subcommittee to protect development of species. </translate>

<translate> Article 2a </translate>

<translate> (1) Panel will develop and present system of criteria to determine what classifies as a ‘developing species.’ </translate>

<translate> (2) The UEE Subcommittee on Expansion and Development shall be empowered, in agreement with the Imperator and Senate, to issue ordinances, with the consent of the High-Secretary. It may, in particular, </translate>

<translate> 1. classify a world as a sanctuary. In which, </translate>

<translate> a) all indigenous lifeforms are to be left untouched from any human involvement; </translate>

<translate> b) any attempt to terraform or extract resources, be they biologic or mineral, will result in Criminal prosecution as laid out in Section V; </translate>

<translate> 2. divert military resources to maintain the sanctity of protected world, with the consent and help of the High Command. </translate>

<translate> Section III </translate>

<translate> Terraforming Articles and Conditions </translate>

<translate> . . . CONTINUED </translate>


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