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Congress Now - 2943-05-13
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SourceCongress Now - 2943-05-13
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2943.5.13 SET

Session AutoScript

Proofed and Admitted – Archivist Yates (#57573BDF)


3:12pm – Session Begins

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- CestulusDavien Sys): If it suits everyone, I’d like to bring this session to order. The UEE Subcommittee on Expansion & Development would like to recognize General Lana Stark to be heard. Welcome, General.


SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): General, we have called you here today to respond to the situation developing within the Oso System. I assume you’ve received Dr. Aaron’s report?

GENERAL LANA STARK: I received it on the transport over, yes. My staff is still in the process of verifying its authenticity.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): I will save them the trouble. It’s authentic, General.

GENERAL LANA STARK: With all due respect, sir, I would like my people to make their own assessment regarding the situation.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): What is your current, unverified, understanding of the situation on Oso II ?

GENERAL LANA STARK: That a contagion has allegedly begun to infect the indigenous population.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): I gather that you don’t seem to see the problem.

GENERAL LANA STARK: Article 2a.2 of the Fair Chance Act dictates that the military is there to maintain the sanctity of the protected world. If the undeveloped species begins to suffer from a pandemic, wouldn’t that fall under an unfortunate case of natural selection?

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): I suppose you’re correct in an abstract sense. The pitfall of being guardians is that technically we would not be allowed to interfere, bound by our own laws to watch a species die out. But this, this is not such a case. Two ships were spotted entering the atmosphere of Oso II months before the outbreak began. Personnel on your own military platform initially claimed that they captured one of the trespassers even though there don’t seem to be any files to corroborate their allegations.

<long pause>

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): General, do I have your attention?

GENERAL LANA STARK: My apologies, sir. Please continue.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): The commanding officer authorized a ground incursion to apprehend the interlopers, even contained a small indigenous village to do it. Are you starting to see the picture I’m painting here?

GENERAL LANA STARK: I believe so, sir. I’m just going to assume you’ve analyzed the disease.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): Dr. Aaron believes it’s a strain of the R.Irv virus, harmless to humans, but it seems to have adjusted itself to affect the genetic code of the Osoians.


SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): Is that all you have to say?

GENERAL LANA STARK: May I speak freely?

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): I’m not in the military, General. You may speak as freely as you’d like.

GENERAL LANA STARK: You could have just sent a message to the Legatus’ office. There are protocols in place for this kind of situation. We will start manufacturing a vaccine for the modified virus then institute a blackout on the planet, using tranq-gas in systematic grid-patterns until the species is inoculated against the bug.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): General, the virus itself is half of the problem. Two months ago, we launched an investigation to assess the current standards implemented by the platforms charged with the protection of these developing worlds. The report seems to indicate a culture where soldiers of substandard discipline and quality are shuffled off to these assignments.

GENERAL LANA STARK: I’m afraid allocation of military resources doesn’t fall under Congressional oversight.

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): If it’s directly contributing to the failure to enforce the Fair Chance Act, I think you’ll find that it’s well within our reach and it will certainly be taken into account at the next fiscal cycle and reflected in your budget.

GENERAL LANA STARK: Mr. Chairman, may we have a short recess so I may consult with my staff before we begin to outline a way to reinforce security on the developing worlds?

SENATOR TETSUO SHIMA (T- Cestulus – Davien Sys): Sure. This hearing will resume in ten minutes.


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