Oso system

Single star system with 6 planets.
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Oso system
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Oso system
Single Star
16.21 AU
Star type
F-type main sequence
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The Oso system is discovered in 2861 by amateur explorer Errol Navis, the system that he named after his daughter featured six distinctive worlds orbiting a white Type-F main sequence star. Oso was quickly set upon by survey teams and corporate groups seeking to lay claim to the latest worlds potentially ripe for terraforming. However within the year, interests changed dramatically. The discovery of higher life forms on Oso II forced the government to issue it protectorate status under the Fair Chance Act. The declaration immediately locked down the system, but some of the less-than-scrupulous surveying corporations leaked their planetary assessment findings. They attempted to make a case to the UEE Senate that Oso II could potentially be terraformed for Human habitation without destroying all of the indigenous life. The question of 'uplifting' began to circle the Empire. Ultimately, a slim majority in the Senate chose to adhere to the tenets of the Fair Chance Act. They established a permanent garrison near the system's initial jump point to let the species develop without outside interference. Despite this, travel to the system to engage in black market trade opportunities remains significant.

Note that the edict against travel to Oso is actually only enforced against those approaching the inner planets. A high volume of legitimate transports and other ships transit through the system on unrelated routes, to the point that a Covalex shipping hub has been established in the outer reaches.[1]

"To look into the eyes of an Osoian is to look into our own past and see the potential to evolve and grow that lies within us all. For every species we encounter who we shadow with our advancements, you must ask, is there yet still a species out there by whom we ourselves will be overshadowed?"
Professor JT Collins, A Step Onto the Precipice[1]

Gravitational governors


Oso is a F-type main sequence star.


Oso I

This tidally locked planet features a lightside that is a churning sea of lava while its darkside is a cold, stark iron-rich landscape.

Oso II

The planet has a lush biosphere and breathable atmosphere that would make it ideal for Human habitation if it weren't for the discovery of the Osonians. This multi-limbed, primitive creature is one of many unusual species found to inhabit the Fair Chance Act protected world.


This gas giant is believed to have been a rogue Jupiter that wasa pulled into orbit around Oso's star. It is slightly green and white in color due to silicate clouds.

Oso IV

A planet lacking both a core and an atmosphere. While initial scans showed its surface was rich in minerals, recent scans show those reserves much depleted causing speculation that miners have found their way past the UEE patrols in the system.

Oso V

An ice giant with a highly lethal atmosphere of ammonia vapor.

Oso VI

A rocky dwarf planet completely lacking in resources.

Space stations

Yogi Station : OB Chimera

OB Chimera is staffed by a rotating military contingent ordered to protect the system from outside interference. A recent Senate report revealed corruption among the staff and portrayed them as being less than diligent about doing their jobs.

Yogi Station is also home to a Covalex Shipping Hub.

Known jump points

Jump gate Direction Size Destination
Oso - Castra Bidirectional Small Castra - Oso, in Castra system
Oso - Kallis Bidirectional Large Kallis - Oso, in Kallis system
Oso - Pyro Bidirectional Small Pyro - Oso, in Pyro system

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