Danny Solomon

Character in Star Citizen
Danny Solomon
Race Human
Gender Male
Role Police Patroller
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Current Employment
Occupation Agent
Employer Advocacy
Military Service
Rank Captain

Danny Solomon was an Advocacy agent renowned for being "rough around the edges". He became famous for bringing swift justice to outlaws.[1]


Assigned to the Bremen system in the mid-29th century, Danny Solomon was an Advocacy Agent renowned for being rough around the edges. He was the perfect embodiment of the system's independent, frontier spirit, typified by his now famous quote, "sometimes you need to take a few shots at someone to get them to listen."

The sight of Solomon's ship struck fear into the hearts of outlaws across the Bremen System. Unlike most Advocacy agents, Solomon didn't fly the standard Avenger Stalker with holding cells in the back. Instead he piloted the Avenger Titan, which he nicknamed Renegade, then stripped out the holding cells in favor of extra cargo space. Outlaws saw this as a statement of his intention to not take any prisoners.

In reality, Solomon flew the Titan because the lack of holding cells allowed him a faster cruising speed. This choice was only possible because the Advocacy worked so closely with the Bremen Defense Force, who happily transported arrested outlaws for the Advocacy. Still the name Danny Solomon became ingrained in popular culture as a hard charging Advocacy agent, famous for bringing swift justice down on those who deserved it.


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