Donna Atar

Character in Star Citizen
Donna Atar.png
Donna Atar
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2946 (before)
Current Employment
Occupation Salvager
Job Title Captain
Workplace Aegis Reclaimer "Belladonna"

Donna Atar is a Salvage operative and Captain of the Aegis Reclaimer "Belladonna" in 2946. She appears in Squadron 42.[1]

In the Vertical Slice, Atar is encountered within The Coil while on-mission with "Old Man" Colton. She is engaged in remote-drone salgave operations on a wrecked Shubin Interstellar MISC Starfarer, which she claims insistently to be legitimate salvage. According to Atar, no bodies were found and the ship's records have been wiped. However, since the player in the demo opts to move along, this plot thread is not resolved due to Trejo's capture.


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