Rebecca Trejo

Character in Star Citizen
Rebecca Trejo
Race Human
Gender Female
Role Advocacy - SAC - Odin
Faction UEE
Actor Eleanor Tomlinson
Current Employment
Occupation Advocacy Agent
Employer Advocacy
Job Title Special Agent-in-Charge
Workplace Odin

Rebecca Trejo is an Advocacy Special Agent-in-Charge (SAC) stationed in the Odin system.[1] She is known to pilot an Advocacy Avenger Stalker.[2] Her character is portrayed by Eleanor Tomlinson.[3]


Agent Trejo was promoted to SAC and transferred to the Odin system on 2946-07-04, after a very successful anti-drug operation called "Operation Forseti" in the Oya system.[1]


Agent Trejo was featured in the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice in 2017-12-22.



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