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Human company in the lodging industry
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EZ Hab

EZ Hab is a lodging franchise that offers accommodations in many locations around the galaxy, typically found on space stations. Individual hab units are of a minimalist design, similar to that of Japanese capsule hotels. The interior is near-identical to Everline Structures Incorporated HEX units, featuring a bed, desk, seat and personal storage area.


EZ Hab got its start designing escape pods for multicrew ships before expanding into planetside sleeping pods. Their modular construction and standardized shape allowed them to be stacked in a variety of configurations, providing comfortable sleeping accommodations for the customer and efficient, modular construction for spaceports of any size.[1]


As of Alpha 2.6.0, there are four EZ Hab arrays of 12 at Port Olisar, one on each strut, giving a total accommodation cap of 50. EZ Habs can also be found at Covalex Hub Gundo, though they are unfit for player use.



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