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Player Hab
Respawn PointAs of 3.0
Login PointAs of 3.0
Logout PointAs of 3.2
Persistent StorageAs of 3.5
CustomisationPlanned TBC
Weapon StoragePlanned TBC

Player Habs are personal spaces on a smaller scale than Player Hangars.

As of Alpha 3.7 they fulfil several roles. When a player first joins the Persistent Universe or after a wipe has occurred, they will spawn in bed in one of the Port Olisar EZ Hab units. This sets Olisar as the player's spawn point for both logins and respawns. The player may change their spawn point permanently by legally landing a ship/parking a ground vehicle at the relevant Landing Zone, or temporarily by sleeping in a ship bed while not within Monitored Space.

Barring wipes, the player's hab persists across play sessions and servers, and as such can be used as personal storage. However at current its location within the hab array changes with each login, so be sure to check where it is located immediately if you will want to use it later.

When the player's hab for a particular location is first generated, it takes on a randomised look that will also persist, including any Props that generate with it. For instance, if you log in after a wipe and get a Lorville hab with a microwave and a Teddy Bear Prop, that doesn't mean everyone else has those.

Functional Hab Locations

Location Name Hab Type Number of Habs
ArcCorp Area 18 Adira Falls Apartments Apartment Hab 60
Baijini Point EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
ARC-L1 R&R ARC-L1 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
ARC-L2 R&R ARC-L2 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
ARC-L3 R&R ARC-L3 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
ARC-L4 R&R ARC-L4 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
ARC-L5 R&R ARC-L5 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
Crusader Port Olisar EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule 64
Delamar Levski HEX Capsule 51
CRU-L1 R&R CRU-L1 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
CRU-L3 R&R CRU-L3 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
CRU-L4 R&R CRU-L4 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
CRU-L5 R&R CRU-L5 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
Hurston Everus Harbor EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
Lorville L19 Residences Apartment Hab 60
HUR-L1 R&R HUR-L1 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
HUR-L2 R&R HUR-L2 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
HUR-L3 R&R HUR-L3 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
HUR-L4 R&R HUR-L4 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
HUR-L5 R&R HUR-L5 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
microTech Port Tressler EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
MIC-L1 R&R MIC-L1 EZ Hab EZ Hab Capsule
Yela GrimHEX HEX Capsule

Non-functional Hab Locations

Emergency Shelter Outposts

These locations feature unusable beds

Covalex Hub Gundo, Daymar Orbit

EZ Hab units

Outside Lorville City Gates

HEX units (corroded)

Outside certain FPS Bunkers

HEX units (yellow)

Salvage & Reclamation Orinth

HEX units (corroded)


Note that these lists for Habs differ from Cargo Grids. It is unknown whether there is a maximum number of items that can be stored.

Items Confirmed to Persist

Items Confirmed to Not Persist

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