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Foundry 42 is a subsidiary of Cloud Imperium Games with offices in Wilmslow (Cheshire, UK), Derby (Derbyshire, UK) and Frankfurt, Germany. It is responsible for developing the single-player game Squadron 42 set in the Star Citizen universe as well as expanding and improving the game engine, facial pipeline and the cinematic experience in Squadron 42 amongst other things.


Foundry 42 Ltd. was incorporated 2013-09-24 and opened its first office in Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK around January 2014. Additional studios were opened in Frankfurt, Germany[1][2][3] in July 2015 and Derby, UK in March 2017. On 2019-03-06, Foundry 42 Limited rebranded to Cloud Imperium Games Limited for brand unification.[4][5]

It was named Foundry 42 due to focusing on the development of Squadron 42 and because Cloud Imperium Games UK already existed at the time.[6]


Foundry 42 has following offices (a rough list of specialist teams is provided where possible)

Foundry 42 UK

  • Manchester:[7] Graphics (low-level), UI, Audio, Ships (especially those needed for Squadron 42), Environment (Level Design), Props, Marketing, Support
  • Derby: Facial Pipeline

Foundry 42 DE


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