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Gavin Rothery

From the Star Citizen Wiki, the fidelity™ encyclopedia

Gavin Rothery is a freelance concept artist for Cloud Imperium Games.

Works at CIG

He started working on Star Citizen in 2014[1]

He worked on over 26 vehicles for Star Citizen.[2]

Other works

Originally an illustrator and comic artist, Gavin Rothery has been working in the games industry since 1996. Through graphic design and visual effects work, this led into advertising and then film. He was responsible for the co-creation and design of the 2009 movie Moon with director Duncan Jones. Recent work besides starship designs for Star Citizen include the completion of the feature film writing and directing debut Archive.[3]



"Show me another game that's got ships as nice as Star Citizen. The Level of love that goes into them all, i mean it's great getting time to properly sink into the design cause we get to do it right on Star Citizen. Like, it takes a bit of time to get this stuff done but it gets done right."[5]

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