Giani Abir

Character in Star Citizen
Giani Abir 2.png
Giani Abir
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2946 (before)
Actor Daniel Ben Zenou
Current Employment
Occupation Security
Workplace UEES Stanton
Branch UEE Navy
Years of Service 2946 (before) - Present

Giani Abir is a member of the UEES Stanton's Security team,[1] and is probably the Security Chief given that he shows authority over Aldo Braga and personally flies the OMC prisoner transport Argo MPUV in the Squadron 42 Vertical Slice.[2] He is portrayed by Daniel Ben Zenou.[3]

During the Vertical Slice, Abir shows up flying the OMC prisoner transport, which he lands on the deck of the UEES Stanton. A security detail consisting of Aldo Braga, Lars Neuer and Conrad Vex appears to be following his commands in unloading the prisoners - Vat Tagaca and his subordinates Pirate Prisoner 1 and 2.



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