Vat Tagaca

Character in Star Citizen
Vat Tagaca Trailer.png
Vat Tagaca
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2946 (before)
Faction OMC
Actor Craig Fairbrass
Current Employment
Occupation Pirate
Employer Sato Karne

Vat Tagaca is a very tall OMC Pirate who has been captured by the UEE Navy in 2946. He had previously spent time on the QuarterDeck prison planet. He appears in Squadron 42.[1] He is portrayed by Craig Fairbrass.[2]

During the Vertical Slice, he, along with his subordinates Pirate Prisoner 1 and 2 are unloaded from an Argo MPUV onto the deck of the UEES Stanton, where a security detail escorts them to the Brig, but not before Tagaca can threaten the crew with a name-drop of his employer Sato Karne.



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