Pirate Prisoner 2

Character in Star Citizen
Pirate Prisoner 2 2.png
Pirate Prisoner 2
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2946 (before)
Faction OMC
Actor Matthew Jure
Current Employment
Occupation Pirate
Employer Sato Karne

Pirate Prisoner 2 is a member of the OMC who has been captured by the UEE Navy in 2946. He appears in Squadron 42.[1] He is portrayed by Matthew Jure.[2]

During the Vertical Slice, he along with Vat Tagaca and Pirate Prisoner 1 are unloaded from an Argo MPUV onto the deck of the UEES Stanton by a security detail. He jokes about the Stanton, an Idris class Frigate being "Nice, but not as nice as a Bengal".



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