Governance Modernization Act

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The Governance Modernization Act (short: GMA) was a proposed bill to the reform the UEE. The Senate refused the bill narrowly, lacking 3 votes to be passed. The outcome cemented the hegemony of Earth for the next 250 years.


The transitional government under Erin Toi was just a year in power since the death of Linton Messer in 2792. While fighting pro-Messer loyalists it tried to consolidate and reform the political system of the UEE step-by-step. The tyrannic reign of the former earth-based Messer-regime had created a terra-centric movement which wished to dismantle the entire UEE. It was supported by growing separatism. 2 Years later, Charon III declared itself an independent planet.

On the other side, there was a large faction of earth-based traditionalists, which supported a unified UEE under Earth's leadership.

Toi itself has never proposed any vote before, leaving this task to the Senate. Toi itself was involved in the planning of the GMA. In a press conference in march 2793, a group of eight senators presented the bill. An early statement, by Toi should be avoided but protests on earth forced her to do so. She supported the plan, but later renounced her speech.

The Bill

Basic Points of the bill were:

  • Relocating the capital of the UEE to Prime on Terra
  • Renaming the UEE into Democratic Stellar Union (DSU)
  • De facto transition of power from Earth to Terra


The press conference sparked empire-wide protests. A violent pro-GMA Demonstration in Stalford, Bremen motivated Toi to call the Senate to vote on the GMA. Corporations lobbied against the Plan, fearing the “upheaval could cripple” UEE's economy.

In the run-up of the vote, military forces were mobilized. High comm relay drone traffic interrupted the information flow in some systems, causing confusion. The vote was observed by “millions” of people.


On April 30th, 2793, the Senate voted and refused the bill.

Clement Redfield, Chief of Staff under Toi tried to convince her to override the senatorial vote and ratify the law instead. Toi refused and Redfield resigned. He returned to Terra and is remembered as one of the first “Transitionalists” even if he didn't found the party of the same name.


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