Group Warrant Issued

Bounty Hunter mission from Miles Eckhart
Group Warrant Issued
Priority General
Type Bounty Hunter
UEC Pay 39375 + Bonuses
Start Location Meeting / Hurston AO
Mission Giver Miles Eckhart
Requirements Meet Miles (legal)
Faction Eckhart Security

The mission Group Warrant Issued sees Miles Eckhart task the player with taking down three gang members within an allotted time limit.


Spoiler content

"CONTRACT TYPE: Group Warrant

CONTRACTOR STATUS: Independent Approval code: (Approval Code)


In relation to a jointly committed crime, a group warrant has been issued for:

  • (Name 1)
  • (Name 2)
  • (Name 3)

It is currently believed that they are no longer traveling together in order to evade capture.

You are authorized to use whatever force is necessary to neutralize the targets.

Payment will be issued upon successful completion of contract when all targets have been dealt with in the allotted time.

This contract is non-negotiable.

This message may contain confidential, proprietary, privileged and/or private information. The information is intended to be for the use of the individual or entity designated above."

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