Miles Eckhart

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Miles Eckhart.jpg
Miles Eckhart
Race Human
Gender Male
Born 2945 (before)
Actor William Meredith
Employer Eckhart Security
Job Title Owner

Miles Eckhart is the owner of, and primary point of contact for the PMC Eckhart Security, operating in the region of Crusader.[1] He acts as a Mission Giver in gameplay, offering both lawful and outlaw contracts.< citation needed > He is portrayed by William Meredith whereas his model is based on Phil Meller.[2]< citation needed >


Eckhart is a veteran of the UEE Army. After his service, he looked for a quieter way to make a living involving his passion for electronics, but after months of studying and interviewing, and finally landing a job, he found the work to be boring.

A friend of a friend invited Eckhart to work mercenary contracts with him, and as he was finding little joy in his current employment, he agreed to an escort operation. Since then he has remained within the mercenary profession.

Starting out as a sole contractor, he gained a name for himself by working insurance claims out on the fringe of Nyx. Despite seeming to have more offers than time, he followed the philosophy to never turn down work, as it feeds the competition, and is a missed chance to gain reputation in tandem with the client.

Army discipline taught Eckhart that it makes more sense when there's a single voice at the end of the line saying yes or no, so he didn't look for a partner, allowing him to employ and drop staff according to their experience and rate of success, which he preferred due to the danger inherent to the industry.

Today Eckhart Security is a bustling security outfit with over a dozen full-time staff and even more contract workers. Eckhart's reason for not joining the Bounty Hunter Guild is a lack of desire to return to a similar situation to his time in the Army, as he prefers the freedom of independence.[1]

Gamescom 2015 Demo

Miles Eckhart featured as a key character in the Gamescom 2015 Demo, serving as the Mission Giver for the demo's "plot". First, Eckhart comms the player to make them aware that he's taken an interest in the player's actions, with an invitation to meet at Levski. In the Musain Cafe in Levski, he informs the player of a contract to retrieve a black box from a destroyed Starfarer. Upon collecting the black box, he further informs the player over comms of the location of the pirates who stole the Starfarer's cargo, and not-so-subtly suggests that the cargo would be a fine reward for the player... outside of the realm of legal behaviour. After collecting the cargo, the demo ends with Eckhart seemingly betraying the player - with Eckhart Security ships descending to relieve them of the loot.< citation needed >


As of Alpha 3.0, Eckhart can be found in Levski offering contracts pertaining to Crusader's moons, however it is unknown how things will play out when Levski is relocated to its lore-friendly system of Nyx.< citation needed >