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Eckhart Security

Eckhart Security LLC.
HeadquartersArcCorp, Stanton
IndustryPrivate military company
Current CEOMiles Eckhart
FounderMiles Eckhart

Eckhart Security is a private military company that specializes in outsourcing group warrants.[1]


After leaving the Army, Miles Eckhart missed the excitement of his former life and decided to try mercenary work. He took to it so well that before long he started his own company, Eckhart Security. Specializing in operations in unclaimed and hostile systems like Nyx, Miles remains fully independent and unaffiliated with the Mercenary Guild.[2]

Known Members



Eckhart Security regularly outsources many of it's security missions. Eckhart Security has a rivalry with BlacJac Security and Northrock Service Group.[2]


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