Guide:Troubleshooting Hangar and Ship Issues

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This page is a compilation of common Star Citizen Hangar/Ship problems that users might face. Search below for your problem, or if you need more help you can chat with other users at the official community helpdesk. This guide was based upon the community document found here.

There are no Ships in Hangar

If it is your first time accessing the hangar, or since the implementation of the new Port Modification System (added in 2.4.0) be aware there is a new hangar customization system. You will need to place ships in the hangar yourself. You can read about the new persistence system here. The basics of the system is that there are blue access nodes located on the floor of the hanger. Approaching these points and clicking on them will bring up a menu that will allow you to select a ship. Different size ships will require different access points, and larger ship access points will most likely be found in the center of the hangar.

I can't find "Specific Ship"

To begin with, determine the in-game status of the ship here. For any ship that is not flight ready you will receive a loaner ship to still be able to enjoy the game. You can find an outdated list of loaners here. Additionally, if you bought an upgrade to your ship make sure to apply the upgrade in the "My Hangar" section of the website here.

Upgrading Ship/Insurance

When purchasing/applying a ship upgrade to a package everything in a package is retained except for the ship. Insurance cannot be upgraded. Buying and then applying an upgrade will transform your ship into a higher-end flyable ship, while retaining all limited items, access passes and insurance levels contained in your original pledge. Example: An old Cutlass Package w/ Bonus included a docking collar, tractor beam, and Skull and Bones skin, and Lifetime Insurance. Upgrading the ship to a Caterpillar will keep the collar, beam, skin, and LTI.

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LTI Insurance and how to get it

As stated by the developers, Lifetime Insurance (LTI) is merely a bonus not a necessity. To obtain LTI on a ship you will need to purchase a ship which contains LTI during a concept sale. Once you have that ship to transfer the LTI to a different ship you will then need to purchase the upgrade to the ship you want the LTI applied to. If the ship you wish to have LTI on costs less than the LTI concept ship, you will be unable to upgrade due to the fact you can only go up from a ship with upgrades. Also if the ship you wish to obtain LTI on is a limited sales ship you will have to wait until it is sold again to purchase the upgrade. Please be careful with your purchases and remember that LTI is a bonus that will not have a meaningful impact on the game.

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Upgrade did not change my Ship

After you purchase an upgrade, you need to apply it. Find the upgrade in the "My Hangar" section of the website here, and then click the "APPLY UPGRADE" button to start the upgrade process.

Why can I not buy "Specific Ship"

Many ships are only sold during limited time sales. These ships can only be purchased during these times and will periodically come back up for sale depending on the type of ship. Ship sales generally occur when a ship is in concept, becomes hangar ready, and becomes flight ready. Other special sales when ships may be put up on sale include during Gamescom, Citizencon, and the November Anniversary sales event. Additionally, some ships are limited and most likely will never be sold again.

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Official Document here for a more up-to-date version of this guide.

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