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Brochure Description

Crusader Industries proudly presents the Hercules, our standard-setting, all-purpose tactical starlifter chassis. The original M2 was designed as a protean vehicle transport craft to support strategic lift and landing operations, as evidenced by its ubiquity throughout the UEE military forces, but the versatile frame has found cause in a variety of alternative applications. From airborne assaults to supply drops, the Hercules excels. As the premier ship in its class, it sets the standard for galactic transport on a massive scale.


Series Variants

A2 Hercules

A2 Starlifter Bombing Concept.png
Focused as a military heavy gunship & bomber.

C2 Hercules

C2Starlifter FrontTop Concept.png
A civilian heavy transport.

M2 Hercules

Starlifter Front Concept.png
A military transport that supports strategic lift & landing operations.

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