Illegal Monitors Detected

Mercenary mission from MT Protection Services
Illegal Monitors Detected
Priority General
Type Mercenary
UEC Pay 20000
Start Location microTech AO
Faction MT Protection Services

The mission Illegal Monitos Detected tasks the player with taking out illegal PDC Monitors, aka 'Skimmers'. Finding them requires the use of Scanning and a mission timer will be triggered once the first is destroyed. It is likely that you will encounter hostile outlaws. It is recommended that you scan all 3 before beginning any engagement.


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  • Equivalency degree or equivalent practical experience.
  • 2 years of combined mercenary and security experience with an emphasis on combat piloting.
  • Ability to procure a combat rated ship.
  • Available for immediate deployment.


  • Experience with PDC Monitors.
  • Strong scanning and demolition skills.

ABOUT THE JOB At microTech, we aim to foster a contract experience that is collaborative, friendly and fun. We are looking for a detail-oriented pilot who brings an analytical mind to problem solving and deep knowledge of strategic combat solutions to complete this project on time and with few to no errors.


  • Scan the area to locate the PDC Monitors that have been performing illegal surveillance while hidden in microTech controlled space.
  • These so-called "data skimmers" are equipped with security protocols that will attempt to upload their datastores when attacked.
  • Destroy all the skimmers before the upload can complete.


(Comm Array)"

Possible Targets

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