Imperial Criminal Database

Criminal record database of the United Empire of Earth

The Imperial Criminal Database is a United Empire of Earth Advocacy database that holds the criminal record of players and possibly NPCs within the United Empire of Earth (UEE). It can be accessed through the main terminal at Security Post Kareah. Hacking the terminal with Cryptokeys allows players to erase crime from their record, thus removing CrimeStat.[1]

Hacking the terminal

  1. Locate the terminal and insert the Cryptokey to log into the database.
  2. Wait for the terminal to finish accessing your criminal record, interact with the terminal when halted.
  3. Dismiss your crime one by one by picking one of the reasons.


  • Hacking the terminal consumes one Cryptokey.
  • The quality of the Crytokey affects the wait time and halt chances.

Reason for charge dismissal

  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Extenuating Circumstances
  • Mental Incompetence / Medical Extemption
  • Procedural Issues / Wrongful Arrest
  • Prosecutorial Discretion
  • Settlement Reached / Plea Bargain

Terminal locations

Location Planet System Type Jurisdictions Notes
Security Post Kareah Cellin Stanton system Space station Crusader Industries, United Empire of Earth AA Turrets and NPC guards

See also

  • In-game assistance: Crime Rating


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