Security Post Kareah

Security in the Stanton system
Security Post Kareah
Type Space station
Classification Security
System Stanton
Orbits Cellin
Habitable Yes
Affiliation UEE
Crusader Industries
Owner Crusader Industries

Security Post Kareah (also "Kareah" or shortened to "SPK"), is a brand new outpost built to house an extended Crusader Security presence in this sector. It is expected to be open and operating soon.[1]

Kareah's current functionality in the Persistent Universe is to serve as a location for Outlaw players to hack the station's Advocacy computer using a Cryptokey and wipe their CrimeStat rating. Meanwhile, Aciedo Techs contractors (non-Outlaws) can earn money for preventing and stopping attempted hacks of the system.

Other missions such as the Kareah Sweep also take place here.

"Title: Filtration Problem
From: Pauline Nesso
Subject: Filtration Problem


I am afraid Kareah has not been cleared for habitation. I just got the estimate from the repair crew. It's not good. The whole air filter system is going to need to be replaced and that's going to take some time. Not to mention getting the extra expenditure cleared by Central is going to be a bit of a to-do after the struggle we had getting the last increase through the board.

I'm afraid there is no way we can proceed with opening the station as planned, and, unless you object, I'm going to keep the patrols operating out of their existing posts and delay their transfers until we have a better grasp on the updated timeline.

Not going to lie, it's a major setback. I know how much having this new facility operating meant to you. Darston and myself are going to do everything we can to help get us back on track.

See you tomorrow,

Pauline Nesso
Facilities Manager
Crusader Security
Security Post Kareah"



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