Security Post Kareah

Security orbits Cellin in the Stanton system
Security Post Kareah
LocationStanton system    Orbits Cellin
TypeSpace station

Security Post Kareah (also "Kareah" or shortened to "SPK"), is a brand new outpost built to house an extended Crusader Security presence in this sector. The station is now protected by full-time Crusader Security who, alongside guarding the fabled CrimeStat terminal, have begun storing confiscated materials and contraband around the place.[1]

Kareah's current functionality in the Persistent Universe is to serve as the only location for Outlaw players to hack the station's Advocacy computer using a Cryptokey and wipe their CrimeStat rating. Meanwhile, Aciedo Techs contractors (non-Outlaws) can earn money for preventing and stopping attempted hacks of the system.

Other missions such as the Kareah Sweep also take place here.

Security Post Kareah Reactivation

Security Post Kareah will be taking a more central role in Stanton’s security. Crusader Security have moved in a full-time staff and have begun storing confiscated contraband aboard. The station will be off limits to all civilians, unless given prior authorization. Kareah has undergone a full art redesign polish. This includes a new evidence and contraband processing office addition with interactable contraband dispenser, new traversal pathways, new color schemes and branding, and updated set dressing and cover around the whole interior. The interior and exterior of Kareah have been updated with armed admin AI and reinforcements including new crusader security loadouts and police detectives in kevlar.

Evidence Storage Room

Inside Kareah, criminal players will now be able to trigger a boss to spawn after killing several AI. (The boss will NOT spawn if evidence is already being retrieved. To trigger the boss to spawn during evidence retrieval, you must first cancel it at the terminal opposite the crimestat terminal.) After this boss has been killed players will be able to loot them and find a code on their body that will unlock a terminal inside the evidence storage room. After unlocking, players will be able to activate the contraband machine to dispense drugs. The player will be able to keep getting drugs out of the dispenser until a set amount of items are generated (randomized amount between 15 and 20 items). Once all items have been retrieved, the security terminal will lock itself, and upon leaving, the contraband room the door should lock not allowing players access to the area.

New Mission In Kareah

Along with the Security Post Kareah Reactivation, we are introducing a new mission type called Retake Location. Initially only at Security Post Kareah, this new mission type is generated for players when a location deems itself under attack (e.g. when X amount of a location’s population is killed). This mission will generate for players outside of the location and will allow players to go to that location and lawfully enter and remove all hostile attackers. Each attacker a player kills will give them a bonus after completing the mission. Any players in the area contributing to the mission will get part of the overall reward.




  1. Alpha 3.18.0 patch notes
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