Jesse Baigent

Character in Star Citizen
Jesse Baigent
Race Human
Gender Male
Faction UEE
Citizenship Status UEE Citizen
Current Employment
Occupation Consultant, politician
Job Title Campaign manager

Jesse Baigent is Imperator Laylani Addison's husband and campaign manager.

Baigent was born and raised on Terra. Baigent met with Addison on Oya III where he was running an Oya III-based consulting firm focused on increasing Human and Xi'an trade. When Addison's career moved to Rhetor they relocated the firm there as well and kept running it until he became Addison's campaign manager. Baigent recently made a name for himself in diplomatic circles when his firm was hired by the UEE government to consult on the HuXa negotiations, allegedly receiving several lucrative contracts related to this work over the years, although his specific involvement in the trade deal remains undisclosed.[1]


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